Life is easier with QR Codes

You are welcome once again to today’s information session. I will start by asking if you have a smart phone?
If your answer to my question is yes it is most likely that you have never used it to scan a QR Code.

What is a QR Code(QRC)?

QRC stands for Quick Response Code and in simple terms It is a way of encoding information such as website links or web systems
so that other devices such as smartphones can gain easy access to the system. You still do not understand? Okay, i will give an example.
Let us assume you run a business that has a  website and you want your clients to be able to visit you website through their smartphones; there are two ways i can think of right now of achieving such:

1. Giving them the link to your website(by mouth, on paper and through SMS/email) and then they copy and paste that on
the browser application on their smartphones (mozilla firefox, internet explorer and several others) to be able to view your website.

2. Giving them a thank you note that has printed on it a QR Code.

Despite the fact that many may be used to the first method, I definitely see the second as a faster, easier and a more professional option. First is because it will enable you direct the client at every point in time to what you exactly want them to see on your website. In this case if you want them to respond to a question, they do not need to click a question button by the side when they get to the site, the code takes them straight to the question or the item you want them to see at that particular point in time.

How do i read a QR Code?

You can read a QRC using the following simple steps:

1. Download and install a QR code reader from the respective app store.
For android smartphones you should be familiar with an image like the one shown below.

Scan QR

2. When the QRC reader is launched, place your phone camera against any QR Code be it on your computer or on paper and your phone will automatically read and interpret the code.

Do you want to grow your business by using this technology? Would you like to have it as a free version or you do not mind paying? Get your your comment and feedback across.

unsupported major.minor version

Yet another time to look into the resolution of another uncommon type of error encountered in the java world, the ‘unsupported major.minor version’ error. This error majorly occurs during run-time when the java version that was used to compile a java code into a class is different from the java version being used at run-time.

The solution as has been described in this post is to check for the version of the java being used at run-time and make use of the same java version when recompiling your java code (i used the netbeans IDE). Lets take an example of the error message in this way:

unsupported major.minor version 51.0

This message is simply saying the the java version needed is 1.5 and this is contrary to the version found in your application.

How do we resolve the error using the netbeans IDE.

1. Make sure the project is selected in netbeans and then press the ‘F11’ key, it should give you a box as shown below.

netbeans f11

2. Click on Project Properties in the above box, it should give you the box below

netbeans jdk change

3. Change the Source/Binary format (right at the lower part) to the one required and click the ‘ok’ button to save your changes, here I have changed it to version 1.5 as specified in the error. The warning message below should be ignored:

warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.6

1 warning

4.You can then recompile and go run your application again.

All ladies and maybe guys too that will soon clock 18.

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Installing and Deploying a war file in tomcat

1. Download apache-tomcat-7.0.28 or the latest version from :
2. Place the downloaded zip file in any location and uzip it, in my case I placed it in the location shown below.
3. Navigate to the bin folder as shown below
4. Launch the startup.bat file (for windows) and you should get a screen as shown below:

Tomcat startup screen

5. From the browser, input the url:

A screen like this should appear:

Tomcat Manager
6. To deploy a .war file, click the Manager App button as shown by the arrow above but you would need to set up a username and password for the manager.
7a. To set the username and password for the manager, navigate to tomcat-users file as shown in the link below:

b.Paste the line below where you have a commented list of user tags. You can also uncomment the tags:
<role rolename=”manager-gui”/>
<user username=”tomcat” password=”s3cret” roles=”manager-gui”/>
Here is a full content of the role tags aspect of tomcat-users.xml
<role rolename=”tomcat”/>
<role rolename=”role1″/>
<user username=”tomcat” password=”tomcat” roles=”tomcat”/>
<user username=”both” password=”tomcat” roles=”tomcat,role1″/>
<user username=”role1″ password=”tomcat” roles=”role1″/>
<role rolename=”manager-gui”/>
<user username=”tomcat” password=”s3cret” roles=”manager-gui”/>

8. Restart Tomcat and input the link below in the browser:

9. Click on the ‘Choose file’ Button This would manage the upload of your war file

Deploying war file
10. To deploy a war file, click the Choose file button as shown above. This will prompt you to upload the war file you want to deploy.

11. Click the deploy button
Your war file will be deployed and can be referenced from the browser using:


Your comments and observations will be highly appreciated.


Spring Error

In an event you encounter an error as below in the development of a spring application with STS; you can find the solution as stated.


Exception in thread “main” org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.XmlBeanDefinitionStoreException: Line 14 in XML document from class path resource [META-INF/spring/app-context.xml] is invalid; nested exception is org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The prefix “p” for attribute “p:messageProvider-ref” associated with an element type “bean” is not bound.
(AbstractXmlApplicationContext.ja va:92)
Caused by: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The prefix “p” for attribute “p:messageProvider-ref” associated with an element type “bean” is not bound.
… 14 more

To resolve this problem, the line below would have to be included in the xml schema definition in the first few lines of your xml file (in my case app-context.xml)

so i have the first 5 lines of my xml file to be this:
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<beans xmlns=”;

*This works fine.

You can achieve that Goal

Find out how easy it is to achieve the goal:

This can be done by finding out if someone has achieved such a goal or something simillar before and how the person went about it. Knowing about different circumstances surrounding such situation with different people could give more insight into the challenges and opportunities you would come across along the line.

Be brave about your goal:

This does not only apply to your goal, it does apply to every of your endeavour in life. Always be brave, even if you are not, pretend to be. Believe me, no one can tell the difference and this makes you move very fast towards achieving your set goals.

Get determined to achieve it:

When a goal has been set, there is no need considering if it is achievable or not, achievers of great goals are characterized by their level of determination and also by this same act of determination, seemingly impossible inventions have been made.

Visualize the steps:

In your mind, visualize the process you are likely to follow in order to achieve the goal. Even if some of the steps look unrealistic at the moment, never mind, just know them, make them as notes and keep your notes where can see them often.

Compensate used resources adequately:

As you move towards your goal, there is a high possibility that you will make use of human resources. No matter the way or mode by which you make use of the resources, always make sure you make them better than you met them. In other words, do not take advantage of others in achieving your own goals.

Add hope to your determination:

A large percentage of achieved goals were never seen clearly at their early stage. Hoping for what is seen is not hope and when you have hope for what is unseen, you are able to patiently prepare for the manifestation.

Move towards your goal:

Just keep moving, you may not be on a very high speed, make sure you are moving; which also mean you are not stagnant. Some people do not achieve their goals because they have either moved entirely in a different direction or they have refused to move towards their goals. This could also mean taking some physical steps like changing your location (if unfavourable) or mindset if it does not go inline with the achievement of the set goals.
After the goal is achieved, appreciate those that are to be appreciated and give credits to whom it is due, remember that the goal would have equally never been achieved.

With the few tips above, you can actually roll out your goals and set out to achieve them.

My fears to Experiment (Learning challenges)

Living in peace as some people believe, is a factor of how much trouble you cause for yourself. ‘I would rather not try it than trying it and getting myself into trouble’.

This made me remember my university days at the time when I just got my 512 megabyte RAM Acer laptop. I had worked on desktop windows computers for a while before that time and so I could boast of being able to try my hands on some default applications, Microsoft word being the most popular. With that seemingly great knowledge, I could say the laptop was not extremely useless in my hand on the one hand. On the other hand, I often tried to go beyond my knowledge limit and experiment with the system, maybe trying to press the F8 key while I had just switched on my computer, looking forward to knowing what is really working in the whole system and why and how is a computer system formatted. Sometimes I would think of my 3 gigabytes saved videos and documents; what happens to all that if I go ahead is the question that comes to my mind and then I would rather not try to proceed in my experiments and even sometimes when I try, I find myself in a mess of the system, running to a friend who luckily would not ask me to pay.

Life is full of risks and challenges; therefore, trying to stay safe by avoiding all challenges also has its disadvantages. Ben Carson, the great neurosurgeon in one of his books, ‘Take the risk’ explained a way by which he takes decisions using the best and worst case analysis. There are some risks one would have to take to achieve some goals in life; these may be different as regards specific types of career paths or even one’s determination.

There is a popular saying that ‘experience is the best teacher’ and in the context of this note I would like to define experience as an act that is acquired through practice. In a piece, titled CodeKata (how to become a better developer) , on The writer emphasized the need for programmers and developers to create time for practice instead of always trying to learn on the job through live applications, problems or errors. This implies that one can actually learn a lot of things in the corner of one’s room by creating experiences which are in most cases only known to you. Sometimes some of your experiments may be costly but as rightly said, ‘failure does not come when you try something and it did not work as expected, it comes when you refuse to try again’.

Back to the story of my university days, I discovered the need to really give a trial to some of my wishes and closed my eyes to every bit of fear that had discouraged me from experimenting. I got some additional tools and software even though I did not know the correct configuration or specifications needed, I just wanted to try. After all, it was my laptop. To cut the story short, after days of continual practice, I discovered I started understanding some terms that emanates when my so called techie-friends were discussing, I was able to pick one or two corrections for my mistakes and I very much appreciated watching people work on faulty or dead systems.

Items and materials around you especially the ones you own are subjected to you and in no way is it sensible for you to make them control you. Decide what you want and try it out, it could be a great resource to your long awaited breakthrough. Even if your environment says no, you have got to be determined to say yes.