JPM project management application.

Standalone JPM application launch (tested on Windows 7 and XP)

Assumption: Java 1.6 or above is installed on your system and JAVA_HOME environment variable is set.

  1. Download wampserver and install, this will take care of mysql on your system if you dont have one already.
  2. Install the downloaded wampserver. Make sure the username of your mysql is root and no password
  3. Start wamp server (Double click the icon created my wampserver during installation). Make sure the username of your mysql is root and no password
  4. Download any other mysql database client like sqlyog/navicat and use this in step 4 below.
  5. Create a database named userplay in your mysql (Do not bother about the content of the database as that has been taken care of).
  6. Download the deployment zip file (
    and unzip it into any location of your choice.
  7. Navigate your way to   (…\jboss-7.0.0.CR1\bin) preferably using cmd prompt
  8. At  \bin type:  standalone.bat
  9. Note that standalone.bat is for windows operating system while is for linux.
  10. Wait for some seconds till jboss has fully started then go to your browser and launch with this url
  11. http://localhost:8080/JPM
  12. Enjoy the application.

Lets have your feedback.

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