Namespace for Adetunji

Namespace for Adegbite Adetunji

Created on the 15th of August 2015

Learning xml and web application


All ladies and maybe guys too that will soon clock 18.

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Happy birthday to you (2x)

Happy Birthday to you Deola

HappyBirthday to you

We wish you many happy returns of the day

Long life and Prosperity


                 It is appropriate that this piece commemorating your eighteenth birthday starts with the Birthday song popularly known and sung all over the world. Well first of all I have to beg your apologies that I did not write this earlier, well I’m really sorry but then since you are eighteen until next year , I believe I’m still in order. Birthdays as you know, are times to get mushy, and touchy feely, and fall over each other to say how wonderful you have been. But as the wise saying goes “ti omo eni ba daa ka wi, Akuku ni fi se aya” (there is nothing wrong is saying that one’s daughter(or sister in your case) is beautiful,it’s not…

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Starting afresh with Java Programming.

From my little years of experience with java, i have decided to start a blog post here which will take you through some aspects i believe you need to become a good java programmer. While i am preparing to start the classes, i feel you can just place your comments and suggestions here to fire me on.

Stay tuned.

JPM project management application.

Standalone JPM application launch (tested on Windows 7 and XP)

Assumption: Java 1.6 or above is installed on your system and JAVA_HOME environment variable is set.

  1. Download wampserver and install, this will take care of mysql on your system if you dont have one already.
  2. Install the downloaded wampserver. Make sure the username of your mysql is root and no password
  3. Start wamp server (Double click the icon created my wampserver during installation). Make sure the username of your mysql is root and no password
  4. Download any other mysql database client like sqlyog/navicat and use this in step 4 below.
  5. Create a database named userplay in your mysql (Do not bother about the content of the database as that has been taken care of).
  6. Download the deployment zip file (
    and unzip it into any location of your choice.
  7. Navigate your way to   (…\jboss-7.0.0.CR1\bin) preferably using cmd prompt
  8. At  \bin type:  standalone.bat
  9. Note that standalone.bat is for windows operating system while is for linux.
  10. Wait for some seconds till jboss has fully started then go to your browser and launch with this url
  11. http://localhost:8080/JPM
  12. Enjoy the application.

Lets have your feedback.

@Dkreators concepts.


Manual used perfectly on Windows seven and a nokia C2-01.

Switch on phone bluetooth

go to the bottom right and right click the bluetooth icon

thats the blue one

click the small extention arrow if it does not already appear

then ur phone should appear as a device. Add it

right click again on the bluetooth icon and click ‘join a personal area network’

Input any passkey which should also be input on your phone if it should ask.

Then off you go.

*Note that this is not free browsing as it will use the normal mode of you phone browsing, just that the screen is enlarged using the pc.

If you are not able to launch a site, from ur browser do the following:

(a) go to tools menu

(b) click on options

(c) When you’ve clicked on option, click on d advanced botton, after which you click on network.

(d) click on settings.

(e) under settings, make sure that the option “no proxy alone has the blue dot, then click ok.

(f)Go to the logo displaying internet connection at the lower part of your PC and right click open ‘network and sharing centre.

(g) After opening, go to the left side and click ‘internet options’

(h) Click on connections (LAN settings). Select the first option only.

(i)click ok. (j) Go launch Google

Linux REDHAT issues – GConf error

GConf Error: Failed to contact configuration server; some possible
causes  are that you need to enable 
TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a 
system crash. 
See for information. 
(Details - 1: IOR file '/var/tmp/gconfd-root/lock/ior' not opened
 no gconfd located: No such file or directory 2: IOR
 file '/var/tmp/gconfd-root/lock/ior' not opened
 successfully, no gconfd located: No such file or directory)

What i did to solve this problem was:
I created a lock folder inside gconfd-root, using 
mkdir lock
then i changed the
 permission of the lock folder to 700 
and rebooted the system 
all was okay.