Picking a career is in parts: an individual will always have in mind the nature of what (s)he would like to be or do in life and at the same time, the situation or circumstances in which you find yourself suggests what you should be.

Today, we see Microsoft and we think of Bill gates, the founder, a question that should actually come to one’s mind is if he (Bill Gates ) actually attended any institution where he was taught ‘Microsoft’ or did he graduate from an institution with a discipline that is related to computing or the Information communication Technology industry? In Bill gate’s biography here, he was known to have dropped out of Harvard University because of his interest in ICT so to say and here comes readily an answer to the question, which is that an individual has the ability to become ‘what he is’ in his mind as well as what the environment presents. The ICT career is such a career that a lot of people, even without a high school grade not to talk of a university degree, have been successful with.

In some parts of the world, especially the developing nations, the environment instills a particular kind and type of profession and steps to career achievement, take for example, a child who is constrained to attend a primary school, Junior and high school in which he/she chooses to be in the science class to be taught some specific types of courses like Biology and chemistry and then get admitted into the university along the same line of courses. In some cases, this is done as a ‘do or die’ affair especially when the child does not really have interest in the choice.

Sometimes ago I had a thought on how the exploration rate of human beings decrease with age. A three to four year old child would like to experiment anything (everything) to the extent of even wanting to check what is burning inside a flame. This spirit diminishes as we grow and all tends to be naturally streamlined.

With the great potential that you have been endowed with, considering what your mind says you should be, should not be a taboo. There are people who look up to some specific people in the ICT world (a situation in which I was) and say in their heart “I wish I could be like him or her”, yes you can, all you need is a bold and focused step towards achieving your goal. At the initial stage, you might not have an hundred percent clue about where you are going but just keep moving.

Having a career in the ICT industry is a very interesting opportunity as a great percentage of members enjoy what they do. Things are made to work especially in the modern world and virtually one is able to achieve to a great extent at maximum. Interesting news and events come up daily with creative ideas and structural constructions you can use your time for. I would not want to talk about the big world of financial reward that follows a successfully designed and completed project.

All I have written about starts with a little step.  Make a use of the tools around you; learn how some simple applications that you will necessarily have on your computer system work and just continue to learn until there is nothing you have to learn.


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