This post i believe might not be read by all but believe me would most likely be useful to all, take a look at the points below:

Do you spend a quality time with you computer and crave acquire more knowledge daily.?

Do you have contacts that you do some form of work or another together, thereby involving you sending some files or even documents?

If the two questions above applies to you then i think you should consider this post.

Many people have mastered the means of sending documents and files through the electronic mails especially when they are not heavy as i know gmail allows files (not executable) of sizes not more than 25 mb. However, what happens when you are to send a 2 gigabyte document to a colleague in another location. Do you sometimes take physical transfer as an option? is a site i discovered some years back; although being a very popular site, many people still seem not to know about it or what it does.

The function is very simple and it is that you can have up to 15 gigabyte memory free to yourself to store files or send files, just like you manage your email addresses.

To a very good extent, this i think has eliminated the nightmare of not knowing how to send heavy files to any part of the world, especially for those who deal with executable files and other forms of files of folder which can not be sent by ordinary mails.

Follow the steps below to get started using 4shared for free. You can decide to upgrade your account at anytime paying a token if you feel 15 gigabyte will be too small for you to use.

1. visit and sign up

2. You can login with your username and password and then upload whichever files you want to.

3. Copy the url link of your uploaded file and you can send just that to whoever is going to download.

NB: The ‘downloader’ will also have to be a registered member of 4shared but only those who have the link will be able to download the file as long as it still exist in your box. This means that you can decide to delete your upload as soon as the other party has finished the download.

Hope this post was helpful?  please let me have your comments or contact me for further clarification.



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