Manual used perfectly on Windows seven and a nokia C2-01.

Switch on phone bluetooth

go to the bottom right and right click the bluetooth icon

thats the blue one

click the small extention arrow if it does not already appear

then ur phone should appear as a device. Add it

right click again on the bluetooth icon and click ‘join a personal area network’

Input any passkey which should also be input on your phone if it should ask.

Then off you go.

*Note that this is not free browsing as it will use the normal mode of you phone browsing, just that the screen is enlarged using the pc.

If you are not able to launch a site, from ur browser do the following:

(a) go to tools menu

(b) click on options

(c) When you’ve clicked on option, click on d advanced botton, after which you click on network.

(d) click on settings.

(e) under settings, make sure that the option “no proxy alone has the blue dot, then click ok.

(f)Go to the logo displaying internet connection at the lower part of your PC and right click open ‘network and sharing centre.

(g) After opening, go to the left side and click ‘internet options’

(h) Click on connections (LAN settings). Select the first option only.

(i)click ok. (j) Go launch Google


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